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The Association is a non-profit social organization established in accordance with the law. The purpose of the Association is to promote the development of Taiwan's space industry. It mainly handles exchange activities between industry and government departments and academia, as well as convening domestic and foreign conferences and forums, and conducts strategic analysis and research on the development of my country's space industry and provides strategic policy recommendations.


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2021-03-12 more 本協會於110年3月23日(星期二)召開第二屆第一次會員大會暨理、監事選舉作業,敬邀會員踴躍出席參加。
2021-03-12 more 線上講座訊息:【TSU】TSU PRISM Seminar Series No. 2 - Meteorological & Environmental Remote Sensing Virtual Online Seminar on 3/23- 4/1
2021-03-12 more 線上講座訊息:【TSU】Invitation to PRISM Seminar Series No. 1- F7/F8 Missions on 3/16
2021-03-12 more 線上講座訊息:【TSU】 -Invitation to Mini-Cubesat Webinar No.2 on3/11
2021-02-26 more 線上講座訊息:【TSU】 -Invitation to Mini-Cubesat Webinar No.1 on 3/3

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