The industry categories of TSIDA group members are divided into nine types: testing and equipment,  components and parts, materials, communication, system integration, satellite application services, satellite launch services, research institute, and insurance and safety.
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Space Ecosystem of the TSIDA membership 2024

Group Membership  

Taiwan Space Agency(TASA)

Satellite systems and components development, Satellite operations

National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology(NCSIST)

1. To research and develop the essential weapons and critical military technology, promote defense technology level, and construct independent defense capability. 2. To invest the proactive technology research to develop the critical technologies

Pyras Technology Inc.

Designs and manufactures microwave components and satellite products

CMOS Sensor Inc.

CMOS Sensor Inc. products are found in a wide variety of applications from basic research to lunar mineral mapping, industrial quality assurance, commercial imaging, medical and consumer imaging markets.

Gongin Precision Ind. Co., Ltd.

Design and Manufacturing of Aerospace Key Components


TiSPACE is established to provide innovative and cost-effective launch services to the global space community with increasing commercial needs of placing Nano- and Micro-satellites into the low Earth orbits (LEO).

Liscotech System Co., Ltd.

Liscotech is a leading company in aerospace based in Taipei, Taiwan. We focused on developing instruments which specialize in specific applications and designing systems that require high stability. Liscotech has successfully launched several FPGA / CMOS

Epotech Composite Corporation

Modifier, Formulated Resin System, Fiber Prepreg, Composite Material for Aerospace Industry

The SYSCOM Group.

SYSCOM, established in 1975 and going public in 2001, continues leading Taiwan's system integration and e-commerce industry with innovative solutions. SYSCOM specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for financial institutions, high-tech manufactur

Trident Pacific

Aerospace industry, satellite technology, Radar Imagery and Information Services, SAR image processing and integration of SAR instruments

Persistent Systems Ltd.

PERSISTENT SYSTEMS LTD. provides services of the System Modeling and Simulation Techniques, Aerial Photogrammetric Techniques, Satellite Image Post Processing Techniques, Satellite Orbit Design, Resident Space Object Conjunction Analysis. Our team membe

Fair Power Technologies Co., Ltd.

Fair Power Technologies Co., Ltd. was established in 2000, initially providing technical services in mechanical power transmission field. In 2015, we devel-oped nanolubricat and solid lubrication technology for space industry, and involved in CubeSats co